10 Characteristics of a Parent with Young Children


I was thinking the other day how much parenthood changes a person’s lifestyle.  For me there are many ways, but I was able to condense it into a top 10 of sorts.  Here are 10 characteristics that describe my life as a parent with young children that I think you may just relate to:

  1. You know all they lyrics to “Let it Go” from the Frozen Movie.
  2. Your Netflix recommendations include Handy Manny, Strawberry Shortcake and Barney.
  3. The idea of a Friday night shopping at Target (without the kids) sounds like fun.
  4. You know exactly which restaurants across town have Mac and Cheese on their kids menu.
  5. Your cell phone has more apps for kids than for you.
  6. You always have hand sanitizer with you.
  7. By the end of the day you have some sort of food or marker stain on your clothes.
  8. You drive a Minivan.
  9. Starbucks just isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity.
  10. You are reading this list.  Who else looks at parenting list, but parents?

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