10 Very Cool and Crazy Uses for Duct Tape


Duct tape is one of the most versatile materials known to man. Whether you need to make a quick repair, patch up a wound  or just tape something shut, duct tape is your answer. Here are 10 Very Cool and Clever Uses for Duct Tape:

1. Baby Holder? Don’t have a  baby swing or crib to hold your little one.  Maybe your child needs a time out of sorts?  Duct tape could be the answer.


2. Repair an Airplane. Hole in your plane? No problem.  Slap on some duct tape and fly away to paradise!


3. Sandals. Need some temporary shoes on vacation or a survival situation?  Got duct tape? Then you can fashion some of these duct tape sandals.


4. Hair Removal. Want to get rid of some extra body hair without paying salon prices?


5. Hammock. Find some relaxation and make yourself a duct tape hammock.


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