10 Trinity Knot (Triquetra) Tattoo Ideas


The Trinity Knot also known as a Triquetra, is constructed of one continuous line interweaving around itself symbolizing no beginning or end, an eternal spiritual life.

The Celts favored the idea that everything important in the world came in threes; three stages of life, three elements, three domains; earth, sea and sky, past, present and future. The trinity knot is sometimes drawn weaving around a circle, symbolizing the unity of the three parts.

Christians also adopted the Trinity Knot and it came to represent The Son, Father and Holy Spirit. It also closely resembles three interlocking fish, the fish being an ancient Christian symbol which predates the crucifix by hundreds of years. Variations of this symbol have been found around the globe. Pictures of interlocking fish can be found on Egyptian and Roman artifacts, and Scandinavian rune-stones have been found displaying the three-cornered geometric shape.

I have been waiting for quite some time to get a tattoo. I have decided on getting a Trinity Knot of some sort and have been searching high and low for ideas. Since I have done some searching, I decided to pass on some ideas to any other folks out there who might be looking to get the same tattoo. Here are 10 Trinity Knot tattoo ideas:











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