10 Work-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Have some fun this year on Halloween at the office. Check out these 10 great work-friendly costumes. Make sure to have a safe and fun Halloween this year!

404 Page

  1. Here’s one for all the developers out there. Grab a plain white tee and use some sharpies to write “Error 404: Costume Not Found” across the front.


2. No wings handy? Grab some eyeliner or a marker and write “BOOK” across your cheeks for a literal “ Face book” costume.


Mark Zuckerberg

3. Turn the Facebook founder’s minimalist style into a casual costume. All you need is a a grey t-shirt, black hoodie, jeans — and of course an innovative mindset.



4. Use a piece of poster board or cardboard to cut out a # or hashtag shape then use old shoe strings to hang it around your neck.

Grumpy Cat

5. Use your cat ears and put on your best trout mouth. If you want to try something a little more elaborate, use makeup or face paint to mimic the meme’s actual coloring.

Internet Troll

6. If you’ve got a plain shirt handy, write “Internet” or even the name of a specific social media platform like “YouTube” or “Facebook” on the front and put on a colorful wig like these to quickly become an internet troll.


7. If your office is anything like mine, this groan-worthy pun will be a big hit:

Web Server

8. Got a black shirt and a plate? Grab those and print out a photo of a computer for a simple, but clever web server costume.

Adobe Creative Suite

9. Grab a bright tee (and maybe some friends) and show up at the office as your favorite programs from the Adobe Creative Suite. Google and print out the logos on some card stock or everyday computer paper, pin it to your shirt, and you’ll be good to go.adobe-creative-suite-costume

Snapchat Lenses

10. Snapchat’s Lenses have been helping us transform all year long, so why not bring them to real life this Halloween? Grab some makeup or face paint at a local craft store to recreate some of your favorites with these helpful tutorials:

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