20 Tasty Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day – May 4th


May 4th is Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you!  Now it’s time to celebrate. One way to celebrate is with some tasty food. You won’t find food this good at The Mos Eisley Cantina! Check out these 20 Tasty Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day.

  1. Can you destroy this Death Star Watermelon?
  2. Yoda Guacamole. Trust you must in this green goodness.
  3. I wonder if Jabba the Hut could eat all these Yoda and Vader Pizzas?
  4. Tie-Fighter Cupcakes are what Darth Vader eats when he’s stressing.
  5. Chocolate Han Solo Trapped in Carbonite Cookie. So much goodness trapped in one place!
  6. Have you heard of Millennium Falcon Cookies? Can you eat them in 12-parsecs?
  7. Star Wars breakfast time – Tie-Fighter Eggs and Chewbacca Hash Browns and Bacon.
  8. We didn’t find these Princess Leia Cupcakes in a trash compactor.
  9. Storm Trooper Cupcakes are a little short to be Storm Troopers…but no one will care once they taste one.
  10. You can tell a lot about a person by the color of their Light Saber Pretzel Sticks.
  11. These Ewok Cookies are so good you will want to bang on a Storm Trooper helmet.
  12. Chewbacca Donuts…Don’t worry, no fur is involved!
  13. May the Light Saber Veggie Tray be with you.
  14. Death Star Macaroons are a favorite of the Emperor.
  15. Han Solo Rootbeer Sherbet Carbonite. It’s totally worth every moment suspended in frozen time.
  16. This Death Star Cake may look like a moon, but it is no moon.
  17. Move along, we’ll be eating these Storm Trooper Cake Ball Pops.
  18. These Light Saber Pretzels are calling out to you in the force.
  19. Peppermint Jawa Brownies.  Buy, sell or trade them!
  20. Sarlacc Bundt Cake! Be careful it may have a bite!
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