3 Ways Parents Can Save Money at Dollar Stores

savedollarDollar Stores can sometimes be a trap.  Sure they sound cheap, but 30 minutes after you walk in you have $50 worth of stuff you don’t really need.  But, if used right, the local Dollar Store can actually help parents save money.  Here are 3 ways parents can save money at Dollar Stores:

Party Supplies

Any parent who has thrown a birthday party for their kiddos knows that you end up spending a big chunk of change. Save some of that money thrown away at the big party store chains and score some great deals on balloons, gift wrap, tissue paper, table covers, plates, cups and plastic silverware.  Now you actually have money for presents!

Greeting Cards

Greeting card prices are starting to get out of control. Paying $10.00 for a card that will be thrown away eventually is like throwing your money away. Skip the fancy card stores and stock up on cards for a buck. Are the cards a little too plan for you? Get creative and add your own homemade embellishments.

Activity & Sticker Books

Need some activities for the little ones to do on a car trip or at home that doesn’t involve staring at a screen? Check out the the great selection of sticker and activity books at your Dollar Store. From coloring books to crosswords puzzles they have a a wide assortment of entertaining and educational materials to choose from.

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