The Seesaw = Adult Male Torture?


You don’t really see too many seesaws at parks nowadays. But occasionally you still see one of the old metal ones just sitting there, waiting to bring the pain to it’s next victim. Usually they are blue or red, with a little rust on them. As a kid, I thought the seesaw was pretty fun. Go up and go down…. go up and go down. Who wouldn’t like that? But now that I’m all grown up I have a little different opinion. Let’s just say it’s not the most comfortable piece of equipment on a man. Now when you are going up, all you have left is going down. And going down means you are going to feel the full force of that metal seesaw.

And while we’re on the subject of old playground equipment, what ever happened to the merry-go-round? I thought it was pretty safe? Wasn’t it? What could go wrong? Kids hanging on to hot metal that’s spinning around 80 mph and surrounded by rocks. I survived. Maybe kids have it too easy now? Something to ponder.

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