4 Issues the Common Sense Party will Address


People are tired of Republicans and Democrats.  It’s time for a new party, The Common Sense Party!  Instead of coming up with ideas based on “conservative” or “liberal” views, the Common Sense Party will do what makes sense and what’s best for the country. Here are 4 Issues the Common Sense Party will Address:

1. Get us off our dependency on foreign oil. It’s ridiculous to me that a country as innovative and great as the U.S. has to depend on other countries to provide us with fuel and energy. We need to set a challenge to all Americans. By 2020 we will be supplying 50 percent of all our own oil and natural gas. Do whatever it takes. Give grants, award million dollar prizes, just make it happen. Biofuels are the key to economic growth in the U.S. Algae is the future!

2. Triple the taxes on all imports. Yes, you heard me. That’s what other countries do to American products entering their country. And that’s the only way we get each other to start buying American.

3. Impose term limits on all elected officials. We don’t need ancient ideas from people who have been in office 40 years. We need fresh ideas that can help make changes to bring the U.S. back to #1.

4. Get rid of Political correctness. Our country will never be safe or run like it should if we have to tiptoe around worrying about everyone’s feelings.

Those are just a few of the issues the Common Sense party will tackle. So if you are interested in joining the revolution, start today by using some common sense in all that you do!

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