5 Ways to Organize Kids Bath Toys


As a parent most of us know how fast kids can create a mess with their toys.  With regular toys you can just pick them up and put them away. But with bath toys you have to store them while letting them dry properly so you don’t get a build up of mold (keep bath toys clean). Sometimes that is easier said than done unless you have some sort of organization system in place. Here are some ideas to help you organize your kid’s bath toys:

Toy Organizer Storage Basket – Not only does this storage basket help store and dry out your toys it also makes a great divider between kids if you are bathing more than one at a time.

Storage using a shower bar and buckets – Take a trip to your local hardware store and make your own storage solution using a few items.


Scoop Drain and Toy Organizer – This is is great because you just scoop up the toys and then hang on the wall to dry.


Frog Pod Bath Scoop – It scoops, stores and helps dry.  Plus the kids will love the fact that it’s a frog!


The $1.00 Storage Solution – Cheap and effective.



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