8 Reasons Bear Grylls is Cooler Than You

Bear Grylls has been entertaining us over the years with his survival skills, daring adventures and the gross things he is willing to eat.  Which shows us the guy is pretty cool.  In fact, here are 8 Reasons Bear Grylls is Cooler Than You:

1. Grylls sailed Across The Atlantic Arctic Ocean In An Open Boat.bearboat 2. He wrestles alligators and wins.bearalligator 3. He holds The World Record For The Highest Open-Air Formal Dinner Party, Held In A Hot-Air Balloonbearparty4. Bearset a new altitude record by piloting a powered paraglider above Mount Everest reaching 29,494ft
5. Grylls climbed Mount Everest at the age of 23.
Bear Grylls Mud, Sweat and Tears Book Serialisation MOS Review6. He nibbles on Zebra carcass while on Safaribearzebra7. Bear drinks his own urine.bearpee8. He makes his own sushi.bearsushi

So can you top any of those?  Didn’t think so.  Bear 1.  You 0.

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