Blank Park Zoo Scavenger Hunt for Kiddos


Over the last few years the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines has become one of my kids favorite places to visit. They love to learn about the animals and of course ride the train and carousel. But since we go so much, once in a while I try to change things up a bit and give the kids something  new to do there. One thing I came up with was an Animal Scavenger Hunt. The kids have to find and check off all the animals on the list and if they do, they earn a piece of candy from the gift shop at the end of the visit. Of course you can skip the candy part at the end, but it’s always a fun treat for them. So for your next visit to Blank Park Zoo, try out using this animal scavenger hunt for your little one and adding some additional fun.


Click Here to Download PDF of Blank Park Zoo Scavenger Hunt

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