“Breaking In” A New Pair of Shoes


Why do we go to such great lengths to break in a new pair of shoes? I just bought a new pair of shoes that really hurt my feet. But, I keep thinking that they will eventually “break in”. I figure the more I wear them the more they will conform to my feet. But as the days go by, my feet keep hurting more and more. Maybe my feet are “breaking in” and not my shoes?

I think the most extreme example of this for me is when I bought new sandals for a cruise. They were probably the coolest sandals that I had ever seen in my life. I spent quite a bit of money on them (for me it was a lot, I am kinda cheap) and was hell bent on wearing them the entire vacation. The sandals were fine for walking around the cruise ship, a little uncomfortable, but not bad. The next day the boat docked in the Bahamas. I had booked a trip to a private island for snorkeling and a grill out. It sounded perfect! Little did I know that I would have to walk over 3 miles to get to the boat to take me to the private island. This is when my sandals decided to act up a bit. Underneath the buckle on the side, the metal began to dig into my skin. A blister formed… then blood began to trickle down my foot. I was in horrible pain…… So I finally made it to the island and let me tell you, the salt water felt so great on the new cuts on my feet (ouch). When my time on the island was over I had to make the painful walk back to the cruise ship. I swore at that point I would never wear those sandals again.

The next day rolled around and I thought I would give the sandals one more try. By now they had to have been “broken in”, right? Besides, I paid so much money, I can’t just let them go to waste. WRONG! I slipped the sandals on and the metal buckle immediately pierced back into my open wound. I screamed like a little girl. I took the sandals off and ran to the top deck of the ship. I ran to the edge and launched the sandals overboard into the sea. I raised my arms in victory and belted out “I’m king of the world”! I felt so free.

Did I learn my lesson? Apparently not. I sit hear typing this with my new shoes on, waiting for them to “break in”. Sometimes I am an idiot.

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