My Challenge to Hy-Vee


Hy-Vee.  I am calling you out.  Yes, you Hy-Vee.  You may think that your trickery goes unnoticed, but I’m on to your game.  Sure you say all the right things and have a “helpful smile in every aisle”, but are you really looking out for your customer’s best interest or just the bottom line.  My case in point is this:  You promote healthy living thru programs such as Living Healthy America and Kidsfit. You have a Health Market (which isn’t bad, but a bit overpriced), offer wellness screenings and even have dietitians to help folks find healthy foods.  But, you still promote eating junk food and sugary drinks at your checkouts.

Yes, the checkout line, where helpless victims come across candy bars and coolers full of soda staring back at them.  I understand the marketing of it.  You want to sell this junk to people as an impulse buy.  You make money off other people’s weakness.  While, it’s not your fault that some people don’t have self-control and want to put this garbage into their body, it does go against all your other healthy initiatives.

Imagine if you will, a customer comes in to talk to a dietitian about losing weight and lowering their sugar intake.  That’s awesome that your provide that service. But as the customer goes to pay for some of the healthy groceries they just picked out they come across a whole barrage of candy staring at them while they wait to checkout.  So in that moment of weakness they grab a couple of candy bars.  Is that promoting, Living Healthy America?

How about this? Take those checkout line coolers and and get rid of the soda bottles and energy drinks.  Fill them with fresh fruit cups, carrot sticks, hummus and some other healthier options.  Get rid of all those candy bars and gums filled with Aspartame and take snack items from your health market and sell them there.  Stand by all your healthy initiatives!

That is my challenge to you Hy-Vee.  Will you lose a little money from impulse buys?  Probably.  Will it help you stand by your promotion of healthy living? Absolutely!

Do you accept the challenge?

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  1. Larry Ballard, customer communications June 19, 2019

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