False Reality – Don’t Believe Everything You See


If you believed everything you read or saw on Facebook and Instagram you might be thinking that all of your family and friends have perfect lives. We see photos of kids playing and smiling and couples walking along the beach holding hands.  We see trips, parties, family reunions where everyone is smiling and happy.  We see posts about having the perfect wife or husband, birthday greetings to the best son/daughter, etc.  You get the picture.  We see only the good stuff.  People don’t share their real life, just the sugar coated part they want you to see.  Am I guilty of the same thing? Sure. Maybe not to the extent of some others, but I don’t share photos of my kids having melt downs and tantrums. So for those of you out there who may look at your Facebook feed and find yourself becoming jealous of the life of others and thinking what a crappy life you have compared to them, think again.  That’s not reality.


Real life is full of ups and downs.  Life, relationships and being a parent is not always all daisies and rainbows.  Don’t get disheartened by the false realities we see online. And don’t get caught up comparing your lives to your friends and pretending to be something your not. Be yourself and be real and the rest will take care of itself.

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