The One Dollar Pregnancy Test


As I have mentioned many times, I am a cheapskate. So it makes sense that I like the Dollar Store. So I was strolling through my local Dollar Store (the one where everything is actually a dollar) getting in line for the checkout when I noticed a pregnancy test for a $1.00. What!? It was just sitting there as an impulse buy item with candy and gum. A few things came to my head when I saw this. First, who just thinks at the last minute they need a pregnancy test and just picks one up as an impulse buy? Second, can you really trust the results from a pregnancy test that costs a $1.00? I mean, come on. Having a child is a pretty big event in your life. Shouldn’t you at least shell out $10.00 or more for a name brand one? What’s next?……. a one dollar rock climbing rope? Don’t know if I would trust that one.

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