I Ordered a Glass of Water. Not Lemon Water


I don’t understand why restaurants insist on putting lemon wedges in my water without me asking. Shouldn’t they only put the lemon in my water if I ask. Since when did water just come with lemon in it? Sure, I could fish out the piece of lemon, but by that point the water has been tainted. Not to mention the fact that lemon wedges have a high level of bacteria from being prepared by workers not wearing gloves.

In fact, a 2007 study found that nearly 70% of restaurant lemon wedges are covered in up to 25 different types of germs. Among them: fecal matter, E. Coli, and contamination from raw meat. And it wasn’t just the lemons’ rinds — the pulps on 29% of the dirty lemons were crawling in bacteria, too. Doesn’t fecal matter water sound yummy?

So the next time you are thinking you need a little of that lemon flavor in your water, maybe you should just hold both the flavor and the bacteria.  And to all your restaurant owners out there, stop putting lemons on water glasses without asking!


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