The Perfect Burger. Forget the Lettuce!


I don’t understand why you would ruin a perfectly good hamburger with shredded lettuce? First of all, the idea of warm lettuce just doesn’t sound that good and second, you can’t taste the real flavor of the burger. Maybe they are trying to cover up the taste of the burger? Maybe they are serving crappy half beef/half mystery meat burger patties? I’ve even seen some restaurants call hamburgers with lettuce and tomato “California Burgers” and try to make them sound healthy. Believe me, that white chopped up iceberg lettuce isn’t gonna give you any great nutrition.

So know we know you shouldn’t put shredded lettuce on a burger. So what is the perfect burger? Since we are skipping the lettuce you can just leave all vegetables off the plate, no need for onions or tomatoes either. I think a lot of cooks like to over think the burger too much. They try and add things that shouldn’t really be there. A good example of this is the Bonsai Burger at Red Robin. I mean come on! A fried egg on top of a burger? Not even close to the perfect burger. In my younger days I worked at a restaurant that served the “Goober Burger” which included peanut butter and mayonnaise on the burger. I really think somebody was drunk when they thought up of that. So enough complaining about imperfect burgers. Here, in my opinion is the burger they are serving once you enter heaven:

1/2 Pound Angus Burger (seasoned with salt & pepper and grilled to Medium well perfection), topped with Jack & American (must be melted) cheese, bacon and mayonnaise. One of the keys to this burger is that you have a toasted bun. On the side, 3 dill pickle slices and fries (mayo on the side to dip in). Top this all off with a nice ice cold Pepsi to wash it down with. This my friend is the culmination of the perfect burger. I am hungry just typing about it!

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