Renting a Rug Doctor. The Russian Roulette of the Cleaning World.


Have you ever rented a Rug Doctor from your local grocery or hardware store? If you have, you may have noticed they aren’t exactly the cleanest machines in the world. I almost feel like it’s doing more damage to my carpet than good. Who knows who rented the Rug Doctor before me. It could have been a serial killer cleaning up blood from his past victim, or a frat house cleaning up all the puke from the night before. Or perhaps the owner of a very large dog that just got into a bucket of greasy KFC chicken and then pooped all over the carpet. That means that blood, vomit or possibly poop could be getting into my carpet. That doesn’t sound like a chance I want to take. I think I would rather spend a few extra bucks and buy myself my own carpet cleaner. Some food for thought the next time you go to rent a Rug Doctor or have a commercial company come in and clean your carpet.

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