Summer Bucket List with the Kiddos – Take 2


With a taste of warmer weather I am now starting to think ahead to Summer! Two years ago I came up with a Summer Bucket List to do with my kids in Central Iowa. Well the kids are 2 years older now so I thought I would revisit what I wanted to do with the kiddos this Summer.  Here are 42 things on my Summer Bucket List with the Kiddos:

    1. Visit Jester Park Natural Playscape.
    2. Try out some of these 10 Edible Science Experiments!
    3. Play at the Spray Ground at American Legion Park.
    4. Go for a walk around Gray’s Lake.
    5. Take a trip to Adventureland and try not to get too dizzy on the Teacups. Click here for discounted tickets.
    6. Get Wild with the Animals at the Blank Park Zoo at least 6 times.
    7. Go fishing and catch one “This BIG”!
    8. Water Gun fight!
    9. Get our jump on at Skyzone on a rainy day.
    10. Make home made ice cream.
    11. Get wet at the Ankeny Splash Park at Prairie Ridge.
    12. Have as many picnic lunches as possible.
    13. Bike.  Bike.  And then bike some more.
    14. A round of Mini-golf at West Grand Golf.
    15. Water Gun/Balloon fight!
    16. Visit Big Creek State Park.
    17. Fly a kite.
    18. Weekend trip to Omaha to visit the zoo and Children’s Museum.
    19. Get some Frozen Yogurt on “Menchie’s Mondays”.
    20. Walk around the Lake District at Jordan Creek and feed the ducks.
    21. Make some home made Lemonade.

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